Self-Service Pet Wash

Pup Scrub provides a safe, clean and cost effective solution to dealing with the mess of bathing your pet at home.

Why use a Self-Serve Pet Wash? self serve grooming tools

  • It’s inexpensive and fun
  • It’s the easiest way to clean your best friend
  • We supply everything you need
  • You don’t have to clean up the mess
  • It’s easy on your back
  • Your friends will thank you

We offer all these great features and the best part of all…we clean up the mess!

  • elevated tubsSix elevated tubs with restraints and temperature controlled warm water.
  • All Natural shampoos and conditioners as well as an All Natural Flea shampoo are available for a small extra charge.
  • All the towels that you need.
  • Six elevated grooming stations with a great selection of grooming tools for whatever type coat your pet has.
  • Professional dryers that blow room temperature air to ensure that your pet will not become overheated or have a dried out coat.
  • Electric clippers available for rent.
Self Serve Dog Wash

Self-serve rates are based on the height of the dog.

Small: 13” & Under
Medium: 13”- 21”
Large: 21” – 26”
X-Large: 26” & Up


Nail Trimming
Electric Clippers
All Natural Flea Treatment

Grooming: Which tool to use?
Download a description and recommendation of these grooming tools.

grooming tools