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Self-Serve Dog Wash & Grooming

The one-stop-shop near you for all your dog wash needs. We supply the tools, cleaning products and tub for all breeds and sizes. You do the bathing and we’ll take care of the mess.

Here at PupScrub Dog Wash and Grooming, we offer (6) six standing tubs at various heights so you can bathe your pet without the back pain. We have an additional (6) six raised drying stations that you can transition your pet to, to further blow dry and brush, using our supplied undercoat rakes, de-shedders, and standard brushes.


To finish off the spa treatment we offer nail and dremel trimmers, toothbrushes with enzymatic toothpaste, paw and snout balm, and ear cleaner at an additional cost.  


The wet towels, hair and anything else left behind, we clean-up so that you're walking out with a clean and refreshed pet in no time.

PupScrub also offers a retail section with a variety of health enhancing treats and supplies. From Collagen bones to freeze-dried organs, slicker brushes and toys there's something for everyone.

Periodically, we will host pop-up events for Veterinarian services, specific breed meet-ups, birthday parties, and other pet related events. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook for those updates. 

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