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Our Services 

Self-Serve Wash

(Includes: Shampoo & Conditioner, ZoomGroom, Towels, Dryer and Brushes)




Extra Large





(Sensitive Skin, Hypo Allergenic, DeShedding, 
 Hot-Spot Treatment, Flea Treatment)

Add-on: Special Formulas +$3/ea

Let us do the do the work for you!


An express service where we do the bathing for you. We will assess your furbaby's coat and skin for the correct shampoo formula; then use enrichment style training to provide stimulation during bath, drying and brushing. 


Pup Scrub Wash

Pup Scrub Wash

Pup Scrub Wash

Service is by appointment only - Service time ~ 1hr


Small                $46

Medium           $48

Large                $50

Extra Large      $54

Cat or Dog Nail Trim

(Subject to employee availability)


Dremel/Nail Clipper Rental

Electric Clipper Rental

Licking Mat with Peanut Butter

CBD & Calming Treat


Toothbrush & Toothpaste

(Flavors: Vanilla Mint, Poultry, Beef)

Ear Cleaner

Paw Balm

Additional Services









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